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The Whisky List grew online revenue by 232% in a month


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    The Whisky List (TWL), launched in 2017, is Australia’s largest online whisky retailer that stocks 8,200+ whiskies from local and international distilleries.


    TWL had extremely competitive prices on all of their whiskies, but were struggling to see any growth in their online sales as they had never done any advertising. Realising their roadblock was brand awareness, they wanted to find a digital marketing agency that could implement a strategy with immediate results.


    Social X recommended starting solely with Google Ads, and focused on high-volume targeted keywords and Shopping Campaigns, researching and inputting over 200 keywords in the first campaigns.

    In the first month of launching our Google Ads campaigns, we achieved an increase of 232% in total online sales! This was an extremely exciting start for all involved and was hugely successful, absolutely breaking all out targets for the first month.

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